The Spirit of Place

In ‘The Spirit of Place’ blog I’ve tried to represent an ancient tradition of capturing the essence of a location creatively: by writing about special places that I’ve visited, together with the people in them, at specific moments in time.

I’ve done this through the pen-portraits of people and places posted here from my various travels as well as offering up a few thoughts on travel and travel-related issues generally.

They’re the special qualities, good or bad, that encapsulate ‘the spirit of place’ – see my first post for more background.

If you enjoy what I’ve written then great. If it triggers a memory in you and you feel like writing it down, please feel free to comment and contribute.

And if you’re in my neck of the woods, which is Nithsdale in rural Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, or are contemplating a trip up here, then why not contact me about a guided tour to experience the spirit of this place? See Nithsdale Tours for more information.

***Latest*** Read the true story of ‘Old Mortality’, a legendary figure of south-west Scotland, in a new book by Iain Wilson, 160 pages, illustrated with 8 pages of colour images.  Click here for more details.